Mostly secret yoga studies.

I have quietly practiced an esoteric form of yoga for over forty years. It's a much different approach than the highly popular postures version that uses yoga mats.

That said, it's highly adaptible. It can be used with postural yoga. Or on its own. Or as an adjunct to other yoga forms. Or even with no prior knowledge of yoga.

My main teacher was a brahmán scholar in India who wrote two small yoga books. Due to his age when he wrote his books, he has passed away by now.

At some point, I'll identify him to prove he exists. But what would be the point now? His books have been out of print for decades. It took me over 30 years to track down his most important yoga publications.

He never claimed to be a guru. Or an advocate of any doctrine. His background included scholarship in classical yoga, along with a distinguished career as a educator specializing in psychology.

And that is why, through his studies and writings, he became my teacher.

I am working on a yoga book that is somewhat inspired
by his teachings. As well as what can be inferred from
the culture of the ancient rishis.


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