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Exploratory solo electric guitar.

I am one of a handful of solo electric guitarists. It's a very small genre. Probably because it's technically challenging, and decidedly non-commercial.

I'm interested in pushing solo electric rock and psych music
into abstract zones. Such as inner space landscapes and personal film music. I've played in pro bands, an NYC area improv art band, and crazy tiny alternative groups.

X-Flight 150
A mixture of dense exploratory psych rock and ambient psych. Swirling forms that morph back into each other. Somewhat like slamming together psych and classical music. Solo electric guitar. With no band to get in the way, the music emerged at the threshold of formation, and went wherever it wanted to go. The album is as minimal as psych rock gets. One guitar. One take. No loops. No overdubs. Some basic effects. And a couple of mix edits where the meters went over.

LISTEN: Xscension (Bandcamp)

Xscension Info Sheet

Release Date: Various

Tension 150
Tonal Theory
Tonal Theory eludes categories. Probably best described as a mixture of ambient beach rock, psych and improv. With a hint of inspiration from Twin Peaks. The result is maybe more like a film score. There's a lot of dissonance.
I have no idea why it sounds so normal. One spontaneously composed guitar. I just let it rip. One take per track. No overdubs. No edits. And a basic signal chain.

LISTEN: Tonal Theory (mix2) (Bandcamp)

Tonal Theory Info Sheet

Release Date: Various

Upcoming Releases:

There are numerous recordings awaiting audio production and mastering. There's a lot of resistance preventing me from getting to them. I am working on it.


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